Penn State Campus Residential Dining Welcomes The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Alaskan crab legs on a white plate with a lemon wedge and sauce cup of melted butter
Friday, February 17, 2017

Penn State Campus Residential Dining welcomed the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute as they took students and staff on a mouth-watering journey through the deep sea.  Guests arrived to all five dining ‘decks’ on campus to satisfy their taste buds at this one-of-a-kind fresh seafood catch on Thursday, February 9.

Captains invited guests aboard to experience the savoring flavors of Alaskan Seafood.  The deck was open to diners during all lunch and dinner hours.  Those who joined for lunch were greeted by the smell of smoked salmon penne with cream sauce and peas.  Tempura cod with spicy mayo and an Alaskan cod corn with black bean chowder were also amongst the deep sea lunch experience.

As lunch came to an end the captain and crew released their nets for an even larger catch.  Students and staff were all aboard once again to join the captain and crew to feast their eyes on the stunning catch of the king crab legs.  Accompanied with drawn butter and cheddar biscuits, the king crab legs were offered as an upscale option to those who were eager to conquer the captain's greatest catch.  Guests were also offered the choice of other seafood inspired dishes such as the Alaskan rock fish with Moroccan sweet hot tomato sauce, and cous cous with roasted vegetables and chickpeas.

While some dipped their crab meat into butter and others enjoyed the tangy flavors of Alaskan rock fish, the captain and crew sailed the ships around to the various dining docks before heading back to sea.  Guests got a unique tour of the Alaskan sea and one the crew is sure to remember.


The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is an organization whose mission is to increase the value of Alaskan Seafood through awareness, marketing, education and sustainability efforts.   ASMI is a public-private partner with the State of Alaska and the Alaskan seafood industry and strives to establish economic development of renewable natural resources.

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