Penn State Residential Dining and The National Pork Board Host a Pork-Filled Dining Event

A pork-inspired sticky bun in front of a cup reading Pork - be inspired slogon
Friday, February 3, 2017

As the New Year and new semesters began for the Penn State family, Penn State Campus Residential Dining welcomed the National Pork Board to host a special pork-filled themed lunch and dinner. A wave of satisfaction filled the air on Tuesday, January 31 at all five dining locations across campus.

Many foodies were warned to save their appetites because this pork-filled Tuesday surely wasn’t one to miss. With fulfilling entrees for both lunch and dinner, attendees were able to savor a variety of pork inspired entrees.  Attendees were offered two pork inspired entrees as they dined their way through lunch. Sandwich lovers were pleased when they bit into the savory flavor of the Roast Porchetta sandwich that was topped off with cranberry mostarda, caramelized onions and arugula. The orzo and pistachio salad was a healthier option that left guests craving more. As lunch quickly came to an end, attendees didn’t know what to expect when they tasted the sweet and savory goodness of the Maple Bacon Sticky Buns that left many inspired.

As the pork-filled festivities transitioned into dinnertime, the entrees became even more appetizing. Students were given a tour of the pork world as they were able to mix and match a variety of entrees and flavors. Items such as: Korean Pork Flat Iron steak with Fresh Kimchi and a side of Sticky Rice, Smoked Honey Lime Garlic Ribs, Ginger Glazed Bok Choy and many more made a guest appearance on dinner menus. As dinner time approached its end, the dessert table became the new focus for attendees.  The heavenly Maple Bacon sticky buns reappeared on the dinner menu alongside the one-of-a-kind sweetness of the Candied Bacon Waffle Sundae. Guest were filled with joy as they laughed and enjoyed the unique taste of these pork-inspired dessert masterpieces.


The National Pork desires to uplift pork as the global protein of choice by working purposefully to do what’s right for people, pigs and the planet. They focus on conducting research in order to build a brighter future for the pork industry. Penn State Residential Dining was thrilled to collaborate with The National Pork Board on this special dining event.

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