Students eat at a community table in East Food Distrist all-you-care-to-eat dining commons

Campus Meal Plan

Designed for students living on campus

  • Three levels to choose from during Fall and Spring semesters.  One level is available for Summer semesters.
  • Cash-free purchases made with Penn State id+ Card
  • Great value at a la carte operations and all-you-care-to-eat buffets

How the Campus Meal Plan Works

Meal plans, loaded onto a student's id+card, can be used to purchase items at dining commons, campus restaurants, and on-campus markets.  Discounts vary by location.

Savings with the Meal Plan

With the Campus Meal Plan, you will receive savings in the dining commons and at select Retail Dining locations.

  • Enjoy a 65 percent discount at all five Buffet to Go locations.
  • A la carte operations offer a 65 percent discount on prepared items (ie. West Wing, Flipps Grill, Blue Spoon Deli, etc.).
  • When using your id+ card to pay for a guest, they can also enjoy a 35 percent discount in the Buffet to Go.
  • Some Retail Dining locations offer a 10 percent discount to Campus Meal Plan members on prepared items (ie. HUB Dining Soup & Garden, Grate Chee and Blue Burrito).
  • Discount not applicable at national chain locations (Starbucks, Panda Express, Burger King, Jamba Juice, etc.), coffee shops (EDGE Coffee Bars) or markets (Louie's Market, Market East, Market Pollock, Sisu Market, and Bluespoon Market).

Purchasing the Plan

  1. Choose a level.
  2. Purchase meal plan through eLiving.  Meal plans can be charged to a student Bursar account or paid for by Visa or Mastercard.
  3. Funds will be put into account.
  4. Use id+ card to make on-campus purchases.
  5. After making a purchase, funds are deducted from the account and the remaining balance will be displayed on the register screen.

The Meal Plan has Two Costs

  • Base cost: This is paid up front for the entire semester and covers non-food costs such as operating the dining commons (i.e. labor, supplies, maintenance, and utilities).
  • Dining dollars: This is the amount that can be spent for purchases. Each time a purchase is made funds will be deducted from the account. The meal plan offers greater savings than paying with credit (Visa/MasterCard.)

Level Options

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 Meal Plan Rates

Level Dining Dollars Base Cost Total Cost
1 $678 $1,480 $2,158
2 $1,036 $1,480 $2,516
3 $1,329 $1,480 $2,809

Dining Commons Meal Prices - 2021-2022

Plan Breakfast Lunch Brunch/Dinner
Campus Meal Plan $2.80 $4.25 $5.60
Campus Meal Plan Guest $5.60 $8.50 $11.20
Lion Cash+/Commuter Meal Plan $7.15 $10.75 $13.50
Credit (Visa/MasterCard) $7.95 $11.95 $14.95
Children 6-10 years $3.30 $5.00 $6.60
Children under 6 free free free

Meal Plan Details

Students living in the residence halls must purchase a plan each semester when accepting a Housing and Food Service Contract. Students living in a campus apartment or off campus have the option to purchase the plan as well.

  • Plans are binding for the semester and balances are nonrefundable.
  • Plans cannot be transferred or assigned to another individual.
  • Students who withdraw from the University will receive a prorated refund of the base cost.

Off-Campus students must complete the Financial Responsibility Agreement through LionPATH for each semester before being able to purchase a Campus Meal Plan. Once the agreement is completed, Campus Meal Plan options will be available to purchase through eLiving.

Adjusting Your Meal Plan Level

eLiving allows users to manage a meal plan account on a secure server with the meal plan change form. Meal plan levels can be adjusted for fall semester by 12:00pm on Friday, December 17.

Manage Your Account

Account balances and transaction history can be checked through the the id+ card website. Additional funds can be added as well, using a Visa or Mastercard.

To adjust a meal plan level, users must enter authenticate into the id+ system with their Penn State Access Account information.

If you run out of dining dollars, LionCash+ will be a backup and will still offer a 65% discount. To ensure that this happens, please still continue to tell your cashier "Campus Meal Plan" when paying for your meals.

Leftover Funds

  • If you purchase the meal plan within the first two weeks of spring semester, your leftover dining dollars from fall semester will carry over.
  • You may purchase a different level for spring.
  • Dining dollars left over from spring semester do not carry over and are forfeited.
  • Your summer semester dining dollars carry over to the fall semester if you've purchased the plan for the fall.
  • Levels can be changed at anytime until 12:00pm on Friday, December 17.

Lost or Stolen id+ Card

If a id+ card has been lost or stolen, deactivate it immediately at the id+ card website or by calling 814-865-7590. You can also deactivate your card at your commons desk at anytime during the semester (24 hours a day/seven days a week). A temporary ID can be purchased for the night at a resident commons desk, until the id+ Office opens and a new one can be purchased.

University Police can also be called after regular office hours at 814-863-1111. The id+ Office, 103 HUB-Robeson Center, can issue a new card at the current replacement fee.

Terms & Conditions

Campus Meal Plan Refunds

Refunds for unused dining dollars will not be given at the end of the contracted period. Students are encouraged to monitor their dining dollar balance and modify the meal plan level as necessary. Refunds are not given if a student schedules classes that conflict with the meal schedule or who choose not to eat in the dining commons. All unused dining dollars remaining at the time of withdrawal or approved contract release will be credited at face value. A credit will not be given for an account with less than a $5.00 balance. 

Semester Charges

The Campus Meal Plan base cost will be credited on a prorated daily refund schedule after the student has received an approved Contract release or officially withdrawals from the University. The refund amount is based on the date of the Contract cancellation. The refund will be applied to the student's Bursar account and will be refunded less any outstanding charges against the account. 

Transfer of the Campus Meal Plan to Another Student

The Campus Meal Plan cannot be transferred or assigned to another student. The id+ Card is used as the meal access card and may be used only by the student to whom the card is issued. 

Removing Food or Unauthorized Entry into the Dining Commons

Removing food or beverages, dishes, or silverware from the dining room or entering the dining commons without paying for the meal will be considered theft. Theft in the dining commons is a serious issue that will result in disciplinary action by the Office of Residence Life, the Office of Student Conduct and/or University Police. Further repercussions could include cancellation of the contract. Campus Dining reserves the right to examine customers' backpacks or bags when they exit the dining commons. Acts of horseplay, food fights, and inline skates are prohibited. If a student violates this policy, he or she will be subject to disciplinary action.