Sushi Entree Card

Entrée Cards

In the dining commons, you will find almost all menu items have an Entree Card that offers useful information that can help in making decisions to support individual dietary goals.

The entree cards provide you with information regarding serving size, calories and special dietary information (food allergies, vegetarian concerns.) View the gallery below to learn to recognize what the icons represent so you can make balanced and safe food choices. 

For full nutrition information, please visit the online menus.

Sometimes last minute changes to a recipe may occur before service. In these instances a temporary green entree card will be placed to alert guests that the recipe has not been reviewed for allergen or special dietary concerns. If you have food allergies or follow other special dietary restrictions, please use caution before consuming a food with a temporary entree card. If you have questions about ingredients, please seek a staff member. They will be more than happy to help you!