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Frequently Asked Questions

Which campus meal plan level would you recommend?

The table below can help you select a level.
It uses dining commons meal prices.
# Breakfasts/week _______ x $2.20 =________
# Lunches/week _______ x $3.95 =________
# Dinners or brunches/week _______ x $5.20 =________
Weekly total = ________
You may want to include extra for purchases in the retail operations.
Total needed each week x 16 weeks.
Semester total = ________

If you run out of dining dollars before the end of the semester, simply go online and add more value to your account.

Will the dining dollars in my account be carried over to the next semester?

Yes. If you purchase a campus meal plan for the following semester, your account balance will carry over from summer session to the fall semester, and from fall semester to spring semester. Any dining dollars remaining at the end of spring semester are forfeited. For that reason, we recommend that you check your account balance on the id+ Web site in November and April to make any necessary adjustments to your meal plan.

I have an excessive balance in my campus meal plan account. What will happen with the balance?

You can adjust your meal plan online up to one week prior to the last day of finals. Also, during summer session or fall semester, any extra dining dollars will carry over into the following semester providing you've purchased a meal plan for that semester. Check your account balance before the end of each semester to make any necessary adjustments to your meal plan.

What food allergy information is available?

Each item in the dining commons is labeled to identify the Top 8 allergens (dairy, egg, fish, peanut, shellfish, soy, tree nut, wheat.) If you call the Office of the Registered Dietitian at 814-863-3420 before you arrive on campus, you can schedule a consultation with the Campus Dining team. At this meeting, you can discuss your food allergy concerns and review menus with our staff. Our goal is to help you feel confident and secure about the food choices you make in the dining commons.

Where is my money going? What is the base cost of the campus meal plan?

Base cost: This is paid up front for the entire semester and covers non-food expenses to operate the dining commons, such as labor, utilities, equipment, and supplies.
Dining dollars: This is the amount that can be spent for purchases. Each time you make a purchase, funds will be deducted from your account and your balance is displayed on the register.

If I live off campus, should I choose the campus meal plan, a commuter meal plan, or LionCash+?

For a comparison of all three plans, click here.

If you plan to eat at least 14 meals every week in the dining commons, we recommend the campus meal plan.

If you're going to eat fewer than 14 meals every week in the dining commons, or you plan to eat most of your meals in elsewhere on campus, such as the HUB, we recommend LionCash+ or the commuter meal plan.

LionCash+ provides the most flexibility. You can use it anywhere on campus, and funds carry over each year.

When will my dining dollars show up on my meal plan? I don‘t see them on the id+ Web site.

Online transactions are made in real time, so as soon as you add dining dollars to your meal plan they are available.

How can I check my account balance?

You can quickly and easily check your balance online. Anytime you make a purchase, the dollar value of your account balance appears on the register.

Can I lower my campus meal plan level? Is there a deadline?

You can lower your campus meal plan anytime during the semester - up to one week before the last day of finals. It is important you check your fall meal plan balance in November and reduce your meal plan if you have a lot of leftover dining dollars. This will prevent having a lot of leftover dining dollars at the end of spring semester, which would be forfeited.

How can I avoid missing meals due to conflicts with class schedules?

There‘s always a campus dining location open between 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. You can also take out at any of our retail operations, which offer "grab and go" items such as sandwiches, salads, and bakery items. All of the dining commons offer carryout options as well.

Are there any part-time campus jobs available?

Absolutely. There are many jobs in the dining commons and they all offer great benefits such as flexible on-line scheduling, convenient on-campus location, competitive salaries, employee meal discount, and direct deposited paychecks.

How do I sign up for one of the meal plans?

To purchase a campus meal plan or commuter meal plan, go to

To add funds to your LionCash+ account, go to