Fall Dining Info Leaves

Dining Releases Plans for Fall Semester

Friday, July 31, 2020

Dining at University Park has finalized plans for Fall 2020 semester to reflect COVID-19 challenges.

Enhanced safety protocols will be in place throughout the semester including:

  • Use of masks by all staff and guests
  • Increased cleaning of restrooms in adjacent commons spaces
  • Increased cleaning of high touch point areas using an EPA-approved disinfectant
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations to support personal hygiene before and after dining
  • Installation of Plexiglass at essential customer interaction areas
  • Limited and physical distancing seating
  • Takeout and grab-and-go options
  • Implementation of mobile ordering - Penn State Eats - at select locations across University Park Campus
  • Scan N' Go convenience store shopping and payment at select locations
  • Elimination of self-serve options
  • Self-swipe card payment

To further promote guest safety, Dining is implementing a phased approach in its restrictions with on-campus dining. This will allow management to continually evaluate overall campus, student and staff/management health, while managing current and potentially evolving food service restrictions and guidelines from the federal, state, and local government entities. Dining hopes to expand hours and add more dining options as the coronavirus situation improves on campus.

The start of fall semester will feature the introduction of "Buffet to Go." In an effort to ensure food safety and physical distancing, re-entry into the Buffet to Go lines will not be permitted.  Guests should gather all items for their meal as they make their way through the one way queues. Daily menus will offer healthy items such as grilled chicken thighs and prepackaged salads, as well as a variety of favorites such as pizza, pasta, and grill items. Additionally, there will be various vegetarian options and prepackaged Penn State Bakery desserts. At the beginning of fall semester, detailed menus of each dining commons location will be found at the Penn State Food Services Menu Page.

Seating will be limited in the common area of each building, but there will also be an increased focus on outdoor seating. No self-serve areas (beverages, condiments, etc.) will be offered. At this time, a limited amount of a la carte stations will be open; those stations will utilize Penn State Eats mobile ordering via the Penn State Go app to ensure proper social distancing. Additionally, the Rolling Lion Food Truck will be offering a new dining option on the west side of campus near Carnegie Building. All items will be served in disposable containers due to waste stream and composting restrictions, with pre-packaged silverware, condiments and beverages. Students are encouraged to support the University's recycling program. As the situation improves, Residential Dining will seek to offer reusable packaging or dishware, additional seating, and more eating options.

Throughout the semester, any allergy or special dietary need will be handled by a call ahead service at each residential dining location. Students are encouraged to contact [email protected] prior to arrival for additional information. PURE, Residential Dining's allergen-free and kosher-certified station, will also be open Sunday - Thursday for lunch and dinner.