What is a Green2Go Box?

It is an ecofriendly, reusable container to be used for to-go meals.

How does it work?

  1. Pay a $5 deposit through your Campus Meal Plan or LionCash+ and get a Green2Go Box from the cashier.
  2. Fill it up with food and go.
  3. Keep the container until you want carryout again, or exchange the rinsed Green2Go Box for an easy to carry carabineer. The carabineer is your token for a new Green2Go Box when you want carryout in the future.
  4. At the end of the semester, return your carabineer for a refund of $5.

Why choose the Green2Go Box?

Students and guests use 495,000 polystyrene containers at University Park annually. That’s almost a half a million containers sent to the landfill every year! As a reusable and recyclable container, the Green2Go Box takes the landfill out of the equation completely.

Where can I use the Green2Go Box?

Any of the five Dining Commons.

What happens if I lose or break the Green2Go Box?

If the container is lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear, you can purchase a new Green2Go Box from the cashier.