Eco Reps give thumbs up to student cleaning plates into composting bin

Recycling & Composting


Recycling and composting facilities are within 5 miles of campus, which helps to decrease fossil fuel consumption and landfill waste. Campus Dining works in collaboration with student groups to educate customers about waste diversion and where waste materials can be disposed. Penn State recycles plastic bottles, glass, metal, paper, and compost material, such as  waste.

Recycling Used Oil

In collaboration with Mopac, Penn State recycles used cooking oil to ensure compliance with all FDA standards before repurposing the material. Recycled oil goes through a rigorous process to remove pathogens and other materials before being reintroduced as fuel in environmentally friendly biofuel markets or in the creation of animal feed. Penn State submissions to Mopac have resulted in 80% of the finished processed product being recycled.