Salad with salmon

Special Diets

Penn State Campus Dining understands that customers have a variety of dietary needs that may require them to closely monitor what they eat. With this in mind, the dining commons offer an extensive menu filled with a wide range of choices. 

Special Diets Policy

Typically, it is not feasible for Food Services to provide specific menu items for a student's special diet.  A student with special dietary requirements (religious, medical, personal dietary preference, etc.) that cannot be fulfilled by individual selection from the menu choices must contact the Residential Dining Office prior to signing the Housing and Food Services (HFS) Contract.  If the University is unable to provide reasonable accommodations (including housing reassignment), the student may be exempted from the Campus Meal Plan for the student's required residency only.  Should the student pursue living in University housing for any period after the first-year residency requirement, the exemption would not apply.

If the student has signed the HFS Contract and subsequently develops a medical condition that requires a special diet, the student may submit a Reasonable Accommodation Request Form for Housing for review.  If the determination is made that the University is unable to accommodate the student's need, the student may request that the Campus Meal Plan be cancelled for the remaining days of the semester/session with a prorated credit processed.  The student may also be offered an alternative housing option where the student is not required to purchase the Campus Meal Plan. 

For more information, see the Food Services section of the terms, conditions, and regulations from the Housing and Food Service Contract.