Using Today's Menu

Today’s Menu is an excellent resource for determining what is being served in the dining commons, as well as making educated decisions on what foods are best for your lifestyle. Read on for more information.

Allergen and Special Diets:

Use the “set dietary filters’ feature to filter the daily menu choices for common allergens or special diets.

  1. From the home page ( select your desired dining location
  2. Select the desired date
  3. Select the “Set Dietary Filters” button located at the far right of the menu
  4. For allergens/intolerances: In the pop-up box, check the circle for “Contains” if you would like to view items containing certain allergens or “Does Not Contain” if you would like to view items without the allergen(s). Check the boxes next to the common allergens of interest and click “Apply.”
  5. For special diets: In the pop-up box , check the circle for “Is” if you’d like to view menu items that meet specific dietary criteria, including foods that are Meatless, Vegan, Made with Pork or fit within RHEAL nutrition standards. Select “Is Not” if you’d like to view menu items that do not follow the specified criteria. You can also look for small special diet icons next to each item on the online menu
  6. The new menu will only display items that fit the description of your filters.
  7. To remove filters click “Clear Dietary Filters.”
  8. To change filters click “Modify Dietary Filters.”

Menu page demo for Pollock Dining Commons on


Pop-out of allergen filters and dietary preferences when selecting Set Dietary Filters from main page of

Special Diet Description:

  • Meatless – item does not contain meat or meat by-products
  • RHEAL - item fits RHEAL nutrition standards (applied to main dishes, sides and soups)
  • Vegan – item does not contain any animal products
  • Pork – item contains pork or pork by-products

A legend of icons denoting dietary preferences and food contents

Nutrition and Meal Planning:

Use the online menu to uncover nutrition information for your favorite menu items. Follow the steps below to display nutrition facts for a single menu item. 

  1. From the homepage, select the location you wish to dine at.
  2. Select the date.
  3. Menu items will be shown for each meal for the location and date you have selected.
  4. Click on the red “Nutrition” button.
  5. Click on any hyperlinked menu item. This will pull up a Nutrition Facts panel for 1 portion of that item, a list of ingredients, and any common allergens that may be present.  


To create a combined nutrition report for multiple menu items:

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above.
  2. Check the box next to each of the desired menu choices.
  3. Enter the desired number of portions in the box for each selected menu item. Once selected, menu items will automatically default to 1 portion. Note that each menu item will have a predetermined portion size. Use this to help determine how many portions you have eaten, or plan to eat, based on your selections.
  4. Click “Show Report” to display the nutrition facts for the meal.
  5. To make changes click “Return to Selected Menu.”

Sample nutrition report available through menus settings

Demo of interactive nutrient card