Meatless vs. Vegan: What's the Difference?

Penn State Food Services uses the following guides when determining if a product meets the criteria for meatless or vegan:

  • Meatless items do not contain meat or meat by-products, but may contain honey, eggs, milk, cheese, or other dairy products.
  • Vegan items do not contain meat or meat by-products, honey, eggs, dairy products, or insects, but may contain cane sugar.

Look for the M or V designation on the entree cards or the online menu to determine which items will fit your diet.

For more information, contact a Registered Dietitian at 814-863-3420.

Meatless/Vegan Options

All dining commons offer a variety of both meatless and vegan dishes every day. Campus Dining has made the following commitments to improve the variety of vegan options available by offering: 

  • one vegan soup at lunch and dinner
  • one vegan entree at every meal (including Saturday lunch and Sunday brunch)
  • a robust salad bar with new additions of:
    • quinoa
    • rotation of roasted vegetables
    • and a large variety of fresh, homemade vegan salad dressings

Each dining commons also has a Vegetarian Living cooler that is stocked with non-dairy alteratives such as soy, rice and almond milk, soy yogurt and vegetarian burgers (upon request). 

For more information, like 'Penn State Vegetarian Advisory Board' on Facebook! 


“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. – Albert Einstein


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