Meatless and Vegan Options:

All campus dining commons offer a variety of both meatless and vegan dishes every day. Please note that the following descriptions are used to determine if a product meets the criteria for meatless or vegan:

  • Meatless items do not contain meat or meat by-products, but may contain honey, eggs, milk, cheese, or other dairy products.
  • Vegan items do not contain meat or meat by-products, honey, eggs, dairy products, or insects, but may contain cane sugar.

Look for the M or V designation on the entree cards or the online menu to determine which items will fit your diet. For more information, contact a Registered Dietitian at 814-863-3420.

Campus Dining has also made the following commitments to improve the variety of vegan options available by offering: 

  • A daily vegan soup option at both lunch and dinner 
  • A vegan entree available at every meal (including Saturday lunch and Sunday brunch)
  • Vegetarian Living Coolers in each all-you-care-to-eat location, stocked with non-dairy alternatives, including: 
    • Rice, soy and almond milk
    • Soy yogurt
    • Vegan cheese slices and cream cheese

For more information, like Vegetarian and Vegan Dining at Penn State on Facebook! 

Additional Resources:

Penn State Vegetarian Club

Vegetarian Resources Group